About Us

Frier Custom Manufacturing is Kenosha’s premier manufacturing and machining shop. Owner Tavis Frier began machining in 1990 in a local machine shop not far from his childhood home. With mentoring and hard work, Tavis took to the trade with passion. Joining the United States Navy, he furthered his expertise in submarine repair and was top of his class. After years of serving in many high-profile machine shops, his dream of being an entrepreneur came with a humble beginning. In 2003 he built a two-car garage to begin building his business. In 2007 TDF Machine transitioned into a full-time metals shop as Tavis realized his dream of working for himself. We grew to become Incorporated through excellent results and a network of machine shops, engineers, and hobby enthusiasts, we grew to become Incorporated, and Frier Custom Manufacturing, Inc. was born. Since 2011 our company has trained future machinists and continues to hire veterans. Our goal is to maintain excellence in machining and allow the trade to continue with a Made in the USA stamp. Our reputation and impressive results will continue to serve you with exceptional timing and customer service.